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90 Day stays!!!!

A new development from BDC's evil sister Agoda.

They are now offering up to 90 day bookings. This is a very interesting development and one we embrace, especially for low season.

Will BDC be following suit?

M Adamopoulou

Hi! fluff,

It would be very nice if BDC followed this new development.

Thanks for sharing and have a pleasant day.


Isle of Wight …

I have a separate "winter lets" service where people (househunters etc) can book for 2-4 months over the winter. They have to book and pay direct rather than through an OTA. We have different terms - we don't clean, we don't provide bedding etc - and it's a "long stay holiday let" so they can't claim tenant rights etc. I have one family of 4 in one place at the moment - they're due out 4th March - they've had 4 months and want longer, into the holiday season. Not gonna happen. Got people going in 4th March to take the furniture out for a refurb and they're taking the furniture regardless!



Exactly that Sr IoW. We do the same but see an advantage to offering that rate, plus a percentage  to cover the extra service and commission, on the OTA sites.

We're still clarifying with Agoda certain points but will most likely be participating in the promotion.