Ability to put details on dates

I use more than one site for bookings but booking.com when i blank out dates does not allow any notes to be put in unlike other sites.

So when i look on booking.com all i see is dates blocked. What i would like to see is a field where i can put information so i can see at a glance who is coming in whether it is from booking.com or another site. The other site i mainly use has a note section which then shows on the dates.



Can the calendars from both sites be synchronised?

Alternatives are a channel manger or your own e.g. spreadsheet containing all pertinent information you require.

M Adamopoulou

Hi -Russell-Bresland and welcome to the forum.

You can see information by a glance if you go to your calendar and click on the date of reservation.

Hope its what you are looking for...

Russell Bresland

If all books were from the one source i agree with you however i use more than just booking.com. For example with AirBNB i can put a comment on any date blocked out so at a glance i can see if the booking is from AirBNB, myself or say Booking.com. When i go into booking.com all i see is the booking.com reservations and all others are just showing blocked. It is very annoying.

I do not want a separate spreadsheet or some other device all i am asking is for booking.com to put a notes access when dates are blocked other than by a booking.com guest.

M Adamopoulou

Ok. Then maybe you should send a message request through your Extranet inbox.
Wish you luck...