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About syncing calendar


Thank you for your support in advance. I would like to know about calendar system of my co-hosting listings.

There are two listings, 

"Guestroom Kamakura Nagomi -Camellia-"

"Guestroom Kamakura Nagomi -Hydrangea-"


We sync these listing calendar with Airbnb.

Since recently we have so many errors caused by syncing calendar system, I asked Airbnb and said they couldn't find any issues on their end.

 I suppose these errors caused by here side, but could you help me to find the solution?  



You have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot help with a technical problem. 

You should be aware that the sync between the 2 systems is not in real time.  So the delay could possibly cause a double booking.  Depending on your size of business you could consider using a Channel manager.  As a small business I have turned off Instant booking in Airbnb as you cannot turn off in  This gives me ability to manually check calendars before accepting a booking on Airbnb.  

If you want to contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option messages) or give help team a call see link for local phone numbers.



THere is only one solution you must use a Channel Manager when using more than one OTA.


its literally that simple, the CM calendar becomes the golden copy and it syncs all OTA calendars (pull & Push).


The problem with BdC OTA calendar sync is that it will never push sync on new changes locally, i.e. it will never initiate A push to another OTA by itself. nor on change. From what I have seen over the last year we believe it will only ever attempt it every 3 hours, but its not reliable, so do not depend on it , instead get a Channel Manager.

such as : cloudbeds, nobeds etc.. some free some paid for .


Kind Regards