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Abusive reviews

I have a really bad guests who stayed at our hostel for a long time. He made reservations one for each day. He had total 70ish reservations, and among them he have stayed 46 reservations. 

This guest booked for 8bed dorm, but he forced us to give all room for himself. He had been hard on our staffs and we tried to be nice and do whatever we can to give the best service to him professionally but before he chose to check out,  we said we cannot fulfill his request to give him the whole room for him and then he got mad and he finally checked out.

He then give us the lowest score review and with comments using abusive language (i dont understand this one also slips out and published when it was clearly understood that it violates review guideline) Not satisfied with that, he wrote more bad reviews, there are total 25 bad reviews and its still counting. He also deliberately responsed to bookingcom no show email confirmation when actually he was already checked out. He will do this until he had his bullets out i'm pretty sure. 

Now, i have already contacted bookingcom customer service twice. They said they are forwarding this to the moderation department. While i'm still waiting for their response, this guy keep writing bad reviews, even he tried to be looked as another guest and writing more bad reviews about us. 

I mean how this is possible? One single guest write consecutive bad reviews for his all consecutive reservations, and the reviews go online without moderation evaluation? 

This is malicious intent. It is acceptable for someone to write his opinion whether its bad or good but suppose to be allowed just once, multiple times means it is an online smearing which can damage a business. 

I need somebody here, or someone from booking. Com take a look at this case. I beg bookingcom to remove these multiple bad reviews because we dont deserve it.

Thank you



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Really sympathise with you on this.  However, you have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot help you with this problem.  You should contact the booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet.

5 months ago