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Account synchronization

Good evening. I'm trying to sync my Booking and Expedia accounts. There is usually a button with this option in "Calendar", however it is not available in my property. I would like to know what I could do to activate this synchronization option.




Firstly iCal feature is not suitable if you have two or more channels. 


Secondly, sign up with 3rd party for a channel manager. 


ICal is utterly useless except in one scenario, which does not apply to your use case.

The BdC 《=》Expedia sync calendar as a feature is 100% not real time. Dont even think about using it.

The Sync Calendar menu options aka iCal, will only appear if you meet the requirements. 


Which are all room types can only have a count equal to but not greater than one.


Have a look at  I've tested it, it is very comprehensive and does exactly what you need.



Kind regards

Isle of Wight … calendar sync does not work properly - it is broken - sometimes it will export data, other times it will not. I have posted about this sooooooo many times, always telling people to manually block on other OTAs to avoid double bookings. Just now, I got caught out again myself - another double booking where calendar data was no exported. I thought I had manually blocked everything, but I missed this one ....

Community Admin

Hi DHARMA FELICIDADE SAS! Thanks for posting in the Community!


The synchronization button is available only for properties with only 1 room to sell for each room type. You can find the button in "Rates and Availability" tab - "Sync calendar" or in the "Calendar" under the room type name.


Good luck!

Isle of Wight …

Community Admin - when replying on the topic of calendar syncronisation, please can you point out to partners that although calendar sync exists, it doesn't actually sync ......



Seriously I'm getting really fed up of your (community admin) incompetence,  you literally 90% of the time do nothing but...


1. Repeat what has already been said.


2. Dont actually contribute to a solution.


3. Pad responses with  canned responses.


4. Never elaborates, and never goes into detail.


5. Responses trend as someone skim reading,  missing the mark and actual topic.


6. Over time conclusion is you are one of several people who is not a native English thinker nor speaker.


I'm really get sick of it and I know I am not the only one.