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Adapting during Pandemic Time

As A Small Superior Hotels & Villas Hôtelier with Only 6 Suites, the Last 4 Years changing Market have Prepared Me to be Pandemic Proof, even before the Lockdown, 2017,2018,2019 were not the Best Years for the Hotel Industry, 2016 Was!  like Taxis faced UBER & LIFT, Small Hotels like Large Hotels Faced the Growing Competition of AirBnB & Unstoppable Growing Market of Vacation Rentals legal or Illegal dragging the Prices Down & the Vacancy Up, at the Same time, the Divisive Political Rethoric, Muslims Bans, Immigration hard Line, the Kids in Cage & the Ever Ending Drama Twitter fear of intolerance made The United States of America a much less desirable Vacation & even Business Destination worldwide, it had a devastating impact on International Inbound Travellers coming to the USA, 2017, the  drop Was 30% for My Hôtel, 2018 & 2019 even deeper down to 50% less international Travelers from Canada, Europe or Latin America, often Our Bread & Butter as they used to book our Villa Hôtel for 2/3/4 weeks Stay, which NO American ever do.  To Survive with such loss of Revenue, I transform my Outdoor Hotel Ground into a Beach Club Bar & Hookah Lounge Open to the Public to Utilize my Property & Finally open not only to Hotel Guests but to Général Public & Reach Locals Beach Goers Coming not to Stay over night but  just for the day, for Drinks, Food & Hookah & Beach Club Amenities. I went from having only 6 Suites Hard to fill up a day to 140+seats  beach Club Lounge Bar Beach Club Restaurant & Hookah Lounge Targeting a totally New, Younger & Local Clientèle. By 2019, My Beach Club Bar & Hookah Lounge represented 50% of My Revenue & made it the Best Year, When the Pandemic Hit, with 3 Months Lockdown, The Bar-Restaurant helped pay the Bills & by 2020, with a 99% drop of International Tourism & 60% of others states Tourism with much shorter Stay & Discount War reaching out the Locals for 1 Night 2 Nights stay My Hôtel business was down about 70% but my Beach Club Bar & Hookah Lounge with 140 + Seats was up 400% making 2020 even better than 2017/2018, Now I Can Tell everyone, My Business is Hurricane Proof, Trump Proof & Pandemic Proof 

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Hughes Longelin

Owner & Host