Adding addittional house rules

Hi Partners,


I am aware of the house rules which we can set on the bookings.com website under the properties/policies tab.

I would like to query if we could somehow set up a template which includes an attachment of the full rules of the building. I have a hardcopy of these rules in each apartment however feel it is necessary to share prior to arrival to ensure guests are aware of the rules and have the ability to cancel if they are unhappy with it. 

I have set up my templates for when I recieve a new booking, is there a way to add an attachment (pdf) to that? I see I can currently only add images. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this (if it is possible)?

Kind regards

M Adamopoulou

For the time being I am afraid it is not possible but I think booking.com is working on it. You can send your house rules in a message after you receive the reservation.

If you find a way please give us feedback.

Keep well...