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Adding directions to property but NOT from an airport

I would like to provide directions on getting to my property but only allows you to put details from the nearest airport.  My guests all arrive either by car (99%) or train. 

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Francesca,


The way I worked around that is using :

  1. Screen clip the route in browser on google maps. add to the photos.  
  2. In the message templates for new reservation and check-in templates, and How To Get Here ,add a google short link for the route , so they can open it directly on their phone /tablet etc. I would do that for the train station too.


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Francescasmith2 1 year ago

Thanks so much.  I will definitely try your two suggestions.

I do hope that can also amend their page to allow B&Bs/hotels to simply give directions that don't involve an airport.  It would be a huge benefit to everyone involved.