additional costs in wintertime

Hi! I would like for only longstayers to extend some conditions. In this case I would like to exclude the costs for heating and charge them separately at the end. Then I would like them to pay a deposit at the beginning of the rental period. Anybody who could tell me how to arrange that on booking.com?? 



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So based on the extras above, and how EU memebers are meant to list all  extras in advance..

and how you cannot take a deposit via Booking, 

and cannot bill for extras at end of stay thru Booking.


There is really only one scenario to work this.


  1. Update the Fine Print area with a detailed note on when and how much.  
  2. Add a photo with text saying a short version, and order photo near top.  
  3. the easiest way to do it is prepay and use a service like https://sumup.ie/bookingie/  and ask for a virtual terminal.  
  4. another provider with no device included is payrexx.com (in conjunction with stripe.com). but the sumup offer is to good to pass up over payrexx.com  
  5. BookingDotCom or BdC will never take deposit for your. and can only bill extras at time of booking.  
  6. Property Policies > Addiitonal Fees, here you can define additonal costs . But guest prepays, and you are charged commission against the total including the extras.


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