Agoda bookings with booking.com confirmation

Anyone else find it extremely annoying that we recieve a booking via booking.com, all details are in booking.com, and then the guest shows up with agoda booking with different details on the room type than what the booking.com booking was for?

we dont have an agoda listing so assuming booking.com send our details to agoda website, but in the process transfer the incorrect details.



and booking.com so called helpdesk just send the standard speal ' your details come from your channel manager and booking.com have no input on your pricing or room detials''



Bla bla bla.



Those are "branches" or affiliate partners. The same when you receive a booking from Expedia, but the guest booked via Hotels.com. It's a common practice. 

Suchin Mamang

In our case this practice only began about one month ago. And YES! we, too, find it most annoying! Just because it is "common" does not mean it is good practice. And worst of all: both companies so far never took the trouble to inform their "partners" :-(  ….

The Rumah Batu

Same here, the phone number is not the real phone number and can't contact the guest by message also

Vimal mohan

yes. i too agree, we are unable to contact the guest also and booking.com customer care also dont have the details..booking.com should take some responsibility to sort such issues

Coco Holiday A…

I have lost a booking this morning due to exactly the same reasons as others have expressed.

The guest stated “ in their experience if it’s been this difficult now it could only get worse” 

They didn’t want the hassle. Their payment was declined, guest re entered their card details but Agoda system still shows declined.

I was to receive $688 if guest booked direct through booking.com they would be paying $150 more .

I would not call it a transparent, or ethical business operations by booking.com or Agoda 

Coco Holiday A…

I do hope booking.com has access to this thread as I’m sure we’re not the only few people who this happens to.

Wondering if it’s better to complain to them directly via extranet email?

Dungowan Water…

ive spoken and emailed our booking.com account manager, and unfortunately they are more useless then square wheels on a car.

All they want is to take commission.

on another issue, trivago is getting sued in australia for again misleading customers. We paid trivago $600 a year to have our direct website price on their main screen / search but was never shown. their 'best price' deal is a scam.

these American companies just ripping money from people.