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Agoda Listing

Hi. Last year I had an Agoda listing as an affiliate of This year Agoda  just says I am sold out all the time which is false as I am not. Guests who booked here last year have come and said they wanted to come here but Agoda said I was sold out so they booked elsewhere. I have had a 3 month series of emails from and to but now they just ignore my messages. i talked to one of their operators and he said he would call me back 6 weeks ago. is very sad and frustrating as my business is suffering. Has anyone had this problem or any advice?Regards Cherry


Very strange.


I would instead not use messages and keep ringing them.

I assume pagoda is another OTA, so when you have 2 or more active OTA accounts or 'channels'.... must use a channel manager.


Then all ota rooms availability are wiped and setup in the C.M. such as


By having a single point outside of all OTA, it then governs available,  price etc.

Note: you cannot rely on calendar exports as a solution if you have all rooms on all OTAs without a channel manager. The sync is not 24/7 and not reliable.  Can cause overbookings.


However if you have 3 rooms and you spread them were only one is available per OTA then it's fine.

Kind regards


Cherry Hunt

Thanks for your reply. I do not use a channel manager but I am opening a new premises next year so maybe I should. Last season( I am only open for 6 months a year) I had and an affiliate Agoda listing  and it worked out ok but this year without the affiliate listing I feel I am missing out. I was going to join Agoda initially but the process was so ridiculous I gave up. Will check it out though thanks. I would prefer  that did try to sort out the listing but obviously they don't care. I should try ringing again though as it has been a long time since he said he'd ring back. Is hard because busy with high season.

Community Admin

Dear Cherry Hunt, thank you for posting in the community!


Please make sure that your property is available on, the property name and address are the same on and on the partner website and that you’ve loaded rates and availability on The reason why a property is not listed on these sites can be related to the performance on By improving the performance and ranking on you increase the likelihood of getting a listing on an affiliate website.

You can find more information on the link below:


Best of Luck!

Cherry Hunt

Unfortunately that is not true. As is written on the link you quoted  " Exception: if you see incorrect information on the Agoda or Priceline websites, you can contact us directly. ". Naturally I have done this but the only reply I would get was " We have sent your query to an expert and they will get back to you in a few days." claims they will help with false information on affiliate listings but they will not do anything. Pretty bad behaviour that an international company like claims they will provide a service and take thousands of dollars from me a year in commission and not provide what they promise. Obviously they do not care about smaller operations.