Airbnb for hotels

Someone, I'm sorry I can't remember who, maybe Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)  or pibomarco , mentioned to me a particular way registering a hotel on Airbnb that improved the experience and listing.

As the search on here cannot find the post in question could you repost the information for me please.

(I've been given a load of hogwash by Airbnb themselves!)

Thuild - Your …

I don't know if it was me or not, but I do have mine listed like that.

However, the effects are not cool. I haven't received a single booking from them in the past 1 and half years. Since we made the changes.

Now the thing is, it's connected to my channel manager and removing it would be bad. So if you connect a channel manager to it, then they will register it as a hotel.

If you can handle the availability updates yourself, don't do it.


For me it is the other way around.

2018 Occupancy rate 26%  Market average 12%

2019 Occupancy rate 45% Market average 22%

Basicly the main difference is that before I had 7 listings with 7 units.  Since they implemented API connection (not just iCal) I can now have 7 listings with 20 units. 

I preffer managing via channel manager. I don't imagine switching back to the old ways. :)  


Also, I don't see any difference from a guest perspective between the two when searching for accommodation. The only difference is that I opted to pay the full AirBnB service fee which is fixed 14% i beleive. If I choosed 3%, guest can be charged up to 20% for the service fee. So I don't see why would you receive less bookings. It all depends of the competition, market demand, rates ect.. And from my point of view AirBnB guests are not such early bookers comparing to BDC guests. 


Thanks for the responses.

I currently don't use a channel manager.

My memory may be wrong but I thought it was mentioned to register a particular way for hotels? i.e. as you go in choose category X.

Just to complicate matters I have an inactive old listing that Airbnb say I can't simply delete and start again. I must "convert" it to the new system for hotels. Then they say there is no new system for hotels!!! hand meets face


Yes, that is all I found too.

Thus far I have been working my way through, found the categories I needed to classify the biz, finally having a little light shone by Airbnb.

The next thing I haven't grasped or been helped on yet, is how to list X amount of rooms only. I don't want only one and I don't wish to list all either, just a handful. Their system seems to want me to go live with the minimal amount of information which could obviously lead to problems while waiting on how-tos.

It's really funny that so many Airbnb peeps come to BDC with so many problems yet here I am the other way around! I'm left wondering why Airbnb are chasing hotel business but making it so damn difficult to set up.


Thanks, I'm waiting some more input from Airbnb to see if I can continue without such.

I hear you on new platforms but this is the only one I've really been stumped on.

Weekend coming up so I'll probably be leaving this until Monday...

Robin Sherwood

For those of you using Air B&B take note if you ever need to re-mortgage your property for whatever reason you will find it very difficult to do so as most lenders will not lend to Air B&B listed places.