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Alter booking cut off time

Hey Experts

Raising my maiden request to understand steps for changing the booking cut off time.

Need to allow booking upto 11pm for the same day.. Tried last minute deal but even that allows for 1 hour before checkin in date.

Can someone please guide on same?


Hi Kabila,

I would suggest writting out the overview of the rates and booking options with the features you want included first . i.e. normailisation of the information to then help to work out which admin site policy settings and which rates to enable to build it out.,


Example a default day rate could be Non Refundable while a Flexiable Rate for 5 or more night could have a up tyo 7 days prior book window.


I have never seen an option to allow to up time X on same day except for the last minute policy feature, where you can actually switch bewteen X number of days versus x number of hours.


Example a last minute promotion can have : a minimum number of nights and then allow upto 1 hour to book on same day last minute booking.



It souds like you just want a default booking window per day from x to y. and not related to promotions.



There doesnot appear currently to be such a feature.

Kind regards