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Alternative hosting

As an alternative to short term booking, you could look into long(er) term bookings. 


You could be a big help for "lost" travelers, or those that can't find a (temporary) place to stay, simply because there aren't enough rentals available. 

It will be often presented as a furnished place, and therefore you could ask some extra. 

I really think this is the way to go forward now. 



Aaltje B. 



Unfortunately not every partner will have that option.

Not sure I understand this part :

"It will be often presented as a furnished place, and therefore you could ask some extra."

Aaltje B.

An empty room cost less then room with furniture in it. 

Emptying out for longterm users who take their own belongings. 

This is for longterm only of course.

We rent out a small cottage for our workers and come with beds bedding,  complete with ready to use kitchen. 

Ready to live in for those who need it. 

It happens ! 

But usually empty house is rented for longterm 

You choose .

NZ slowly rapidly turning into same situation as yours in the west. 

Many travelers panic since not allowed to ignore the rules . 

Hope it is clear now Barry .

Take care ! 


Aaltje B 


lol no, still clear as mud to me, must just be an Irish thing , lol

M Adamopoulou

Ella, not a bad idea!!!

For some it can be a good solution...

Keep well.

Aaltje B.

Just trying to say: If you can't host short term, your unit could be used for longer-term by guests/visitors who are not allowed to travel.


All short term bookings may have to be canceled.


BDC could help set it up since settings are not the same then. 

The approach of the governments in different countries vary a lot and in my opinion, they look experimental.

Look after yourself. See next topic from me under Tips. 




Aaltje B.