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Amendment of reservation


We have a guest that was originally arriving 19th July 2020, then changed to July 2021 and now wants to arrive on the original date.  Its a virtual card for payment after arrival

The problem is we cannot change the dates back to 2020., the problem been we wont get paid til next year.

I have tried to message and ring and heard nothing

The guest is getting irate

Any help would be appreicated



Hi Nigel


quickest and simplest solution if you cannot get BdC suipport on phone right now , is :


  • open reservation , messsage guest you are going to cancel the booking so the refund starts once they get email to click accept on. THen they can rebook. [Option] at this point is offer them a direct booking price and mark the dates unavailable in calendar.  
  • now click on request to cancel, and choose option2 to kick off the cancel process.


If they are being unreasonable and impatient, then more fool them, they just need an ounce of patience and it can easily be sorted.


Kind Regards


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