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"Amenities - WiFI Over Mobile Hotspot- "

Dear new Partners,

 If you have problems in finding WIFI, please  have in minde that WIFI is found under the Property tab in Amenities.

Mobile Hotspot device is WIFI.

Hope the following screen shot helps....w


Sorry but this is technically incorrect. 


WiFi access is a service.


A mobile hotspot is a small device a guest can rent or borrow during a stay to allow mobile phone network to act as a relay to your device such as laptop in your room.


Only some 1% of property will offer this as it's not a typical or common service .


Its also hard to manage,  and costly.


Kind regards.



M Adamopoulou

Dear Barry,

I understand what you mean but our area has no telephone internet we offer WIFI service.  I suppose other properties may have similar problems...  

Of course it costs us more but its very handy and we have internet connection.

Hope this clarifies my point.



Then might I suggest you rename the title to 


"Amenities - WiFI Over Mobile Hotspot- "



Bizarrely this should be under Facilities & services and there is no sign of WiFi or internet yet somehow I had enabled it when I joined and set it as free.

ahh wait I found it …. these bellends put it in the wrong place...




Its under Policies....  what the hell BdC....




M Adamopoulou

Barry, thanks for suggesting,  I just changed the title.

Some features are very hard to the only way.