Annoying login again and again

Does somebody now how to avoid you have to login on booking again and again every time you change a page?

Also it is quiet annoying that when you want to respond on an email your extranet page will appear in the guest's language .

Leandri Klopper

Hey Roy ,

I've experienced the same.

Try using Google Chrome instead of a normal browser.
Make sure you select Remember me when you log in.

I found that that worked for me. But perhaps Marco can help shed some more technical light.

Keep well!


@ Roy

Clear your cache, there is something lurking in there causing a security issue that needs to be gone.

When responding to a guest email DO NOT use the link. Instead copy the reservation number from the incoming mail, login to extranet normally and paste in the booking number to the search box therein. You will need to delete (backspace) over the last number before the search will function ans in your own language.

M Adamopoulou

I used to have problems with logging in but not anymore. Follow the suggestions Leandri and fluff and you will solve your problem with logging in.
Take care.

Michael Edwards

I'm having this problem too, despite having cleared my cache. It's infuriating.