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Any tips and tricks to get more bookings?

Hi Im new in the chat ...have a booking account have my house on it and need more tricks an tips to bring more guest to book

Rosa Aviles

Hello everyone

Just wanted help need new tips and tricks to bring more guest to book


Yes Blagoje is right, May you have not listed high end resolution photos

Casa Pedra Nobre

what is your property ?

We might advise you better, if we can see how/where it is listed.

I agree with the others, pictures is everything!


I can't remember when I first signed up as a host whether I described the property, area, amenities etc.  Am on another site and it allows you to ad such details which I believe help a lot but this seems to be lacking on as I've viewed mine and partners property and basically just shows pictures, where it is (map), list of facilities an that's about it.  Doesn't seem to be a way of having own input with description.