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Apply a fee for pets

I allow pets to stay and ask guests to inform me if they are bringing a dog and there may be fees applied! Majority of the time I don’t charge, but quite a few guests haven’t been telling me they are bringing a dog and there has been lots of extra cleaning with dog hairs etc! I would like to apply a small fee but can’t seem to find an option to adjust this? Any advice would be appreciated 

Mark Chesterman 1 year ago

to BrooksAve, thank you for the help, but how does it work ?  I cannot see an option for Dogs or pets in the list ? and also any of those fee options listed are charged automatically on booking regardless of whether the guest wants or requests  them.  So I dont see how your advise helps at all ?


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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

As soon as you start charging extra for some things, you are effectively discounting and you will also find that people stop telling you when they are bringing a dog.

Always set your pricing to be fully inclusive. Always charge a fixed price for the property, regardless of how many people stay and regardless of whether they bring a dog.

Leif Pryor 7 days ago

I am not sure how inclusive your advice is, how long have you been hosting on and how large of a house? A group of 12 with 3 dogs and an iguana should certainly be a different price then a couple going on a honeymoon.