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Australia insurance required public liability please help!


I am from Australia and I am having so much trouble finding insurance for for short term eg 2 x nights for bookings throughout a  whole year

I book out a single room to many different people each week and almost all year round. if I need to insure for more than 90 days  they wont insure me. I can pay a daily rate but that would mean doing a new insurance quote 2-3 times a week which is rediculous.

I am also on Stayz and Airbnb and they have 1 million public liability.

 I have had an insurer in the past year and they covered my house and contents that we live in plus the single room we rent out within our property to all our guests all year around including $10 million public liability insurance. The company no longer does it and now could only find one and they are $3k which is double the insurer I was with.

Can anyone suggest an australian broker or insurer that will not cost so much

 I dont understand why its so hard to get insurance especially when we live here while our guests are here so the guests dont party etc The chances are far higher for driving a car or climbing ladders etc its just a bedroom and public liability.

 Would really appreciate any suggestions

If I cannot insure I would have to give up and just remain with Airbnb and Stayz as I have worked too hard in my life to have someone sue me.


Thank you






Since you actually live on the same property , are you absolutely sure you even need it?


I  know of some on here, who are usually active here, that may be able to advise better for that region.


michael beeston  

Aaltje B.  


Sherie Fort

Yes I need public liability for guests and all usual house and contents insurance companies wont even look at you if you rent for more then 90 days a year thats what makes it so hard

M Adamopoulou

Sorry Barry but since I am Greek I cannot help Sherie...hope Aaltje or michael beeston  who lives in Australia can help Sherie...


Sherie hope you find best solution...

Aaltje B.

I think this is a good question, Sherie Fort.  Best is to reach out to Michael Beeston, since he is from Australia.

Your country may have different policies form New Zealand, so I really can't comment on this matter. 

Wishing you a good outcome, and let us know what you have chosen, whatever pathway you will go. 


Many thanks and greetings, 


Aaltje B.