Australian Bushfires

the Australian Bush fires are horrific,

how can travelers around the world be aware of this..?

many accommodation hosts on here would not be able to get their guests into areas mostly from Newcastle NSW to bottom of the eastern coastline at Mallacoota in Victoria

to give you some idea - that coastline would take you about 3 days drive.

this is our prime time holiday / booking time for these areas.

many roads into these areas will be closed for months -

also, there are bush fires in South Australia, Western Australia and NT.

DO NOT COME TO AUSTRALIA until at least May 2020



M Adamopoulou

Dear Ian, Australia’s fires are catastrophic...people killed...hundreds of homes destroyed...animals on fire running for their lives...millions of acres burned...almost three times the size of Greece...

It’s unbelievable...

Wish you are safe and well...



Ian at Numurka…

1298 homes destroyed - many more damaged

at least up to 12 people dead

loss of beef cattle and dairy cattle livestock

loss of farmers fencing and machinery and fodder to feed livestock

people are not allowed in to help with recovery at the moment - roads closed

over 3.1 million hectares destroyed - including about 30% of the koala habitat

the scientist got it wrong, the government got it wrong, the firies have to keep quite

 - to give you some idea - the spot fires - that is embers from the fires are ranging up to 20 kms in front of the actual fire....the flames have been as high as 20 metres

the wind is up to 100KMH on code RED days

do not come to Australia  - our summer wont end until at least march 2020

our drought is the worst ever.

on 2009 - we lost 183 people in about 2.5 hours - not far from where i live. - the authorities hand an inquiry over this - and this what we have now is worse than that

communication is lost, internet, phones, fuel tankers cannot get in to fill up at petrol stations

it will take us at least 5-10 years to recover from this

fences have to be rebuilt....



Ian at Numurka…

in 2 days time, its CODE red again  04/01/2019 

there is still 100 fires burning.  there is more pain to come.

the smoke is reaching NZ.

BOOKING.com - how are you helping hosts re book their accommodation..?

all FEES should be waived for holiday makers that cannot get into these TOURIST areas.



Aaltje B.

We had an intense yellow sky early morning yesterday. (coming from Australia) later on clearing to a yellowish smokey sky. The birds have been very quiet that day! 


And no sun was seen the whole day as well. 


Ian at Numurka…

that's normal.

if you suffer from asthma, you may have to wear a mask

   Eucalyptus  trees explode ...the oil is very dangerous when ignighted. 


Aaltje B.

It is a very painful and stressful disaster. We are farmers, and feel for Australian victims and loss of nature.

We have too much rain as a result of the Australian fires. But this is nothing compared to what you go through. 

There is still extra to feed out to the cows in NZ. Otherwise we can buy from other areas in NZ 

The seasons are getting more challenging in the last years. The earth is tilting differently from before and weather patterns are out of control. Earthquakes, storms, floods, we have to work our ways around it. Certainly a challenge the world over. It is challenging for the tourists coming your way and our way. 

And we can't avoid future guests booking at the wrong time weatherwise. .......

M Adamopoulou

Yes rain is the best.  A friend leaving in Queensland told me that it rained on New Years Eve...but I guess it wasn’t enough...

Keep your fingers crossed...Hopefully it will rain again...

M Adamopoulou

OMG!!! Disaster...so much disaster...we hear and watch in the news about fires in Australia.

 I watched the poor kangaroos running in the forest to save themselves....tragic...

Words cannot describe the pain of people that are facing this tragedy.

Of course BDC should help hosts...in every way.

Wish this catastrophe comes to an end the soonest.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks for sharing!!

Very difficult and desperate situation.

Our planet is screaming at us!!!

Aaltje B.

Could we help the hosts in Austr. somehow?  Donate a percentage, even if it is one procent of bookings...

I don't know how to do it, and don't have the technical skills, but via BDC it should be possible. 



Aaltje B. 


It would have to be independent of BdC, using something like gofundme.com those types of sites. I'm sure there is one if not several already being setup along with Region governments sending aid, supplies and funds to help.

Ian at Numurka…

I'm not talking about money.

i'm talking about BCOM - thousands of people have had to cancel their holidays and leave large areas, the BCOM admin can rise to the occassion (if they want to)

1.  don't charge commissions on cancelled bokings

2.  refund all booking fees cancelled due to bush fires and highway closures

East Gippsland - there are now natural disaster zones declared, 100,000 people have to get out, 28 ppl missing, up to 12 people dead....

use youtube for best footage

dont worry about kangaroos, there are plenty of them.



M Adamopoulou

Dear Ian, every summer  Greece is facing hundreds of fires with hundreds of people and animals dying...

I myself and my family have been faced with horrible  fires. A couple of times have reached our home almost our front door.... with not help from anywhere...not even water...the wind changed the last minute and we were saved...so I can understand how horrible this situation can be....very sorry for what  people are facing...

Wish you well.