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automatic dynamic pricing

Hello all,

I am looking for some advice about the dynamic pricing on I have heard that we could add a module from Pulse that could manage the pricing automatically (with some set up). However I cannot find anything related to this module. Has anyone heard about this functionality?

Many thanks,

Best regards.



Thats only under Opportunities > Genius Prog. 

as a sub feature under there.


You still need to have a base price rate plan set.



Legend Sea Hotel

Thanks BrookAve. I found it. Did you use this dynamic pricing? What is the efficiency of this "dynamic pricing" (on the revenues, on the ranking...)?


i did but i turned it off so that it only applied to one of my 2 rooms.


Its hard to say as it will differ by location, type of accomodation, and current climate conditions (i.e. cov19, travel restrictions etc)


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