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Automatic Messages - Setup Templates in Multiple Languages


By creating additional language versions of auto messages you are catering for those who do not speak or read your native language.  

Its all about catering for a bigger audience, so yes over time it is well worth doing.


How To  do it in a streamlined manner.


  1. First write out all the messages in a notepad application or word processor of your choice.  
  2. Spell check and grammar check.  
  3. now open  
  4. Paste in the source and select output language. it has a 5000 character limit so if too long either rewrite shorter or copy paste twice.  
  5. Save the output language into  text along side it.  
  6. Once you have all message templates content ready to go, open Messaging Preferences.  
  7. New create or open existing message template for New Reservations, etc   
  8. Scroll down and click Add additional Language.  
  9. The new memo box appears below, scroll down, and set it to for example FRENCH.  
  10. Now Copy Paste the French version into the memo box.  
  11. Rinse and repeat for other languages.



M Adamopoulou
Yes Barry, I have been using templates for the last three years and I find it very helpful!!! Thanks for posting.