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Average Score

Good day all,


If all our ratings were 10, why the total received was 8?


Kindly advise;

Thank you





ugh this one again , lol. Right I'll keep this simple.


when a guest sets a value they are all independent, including what looks like a over all score. there is no relationship from everything else.


its literally a slider they move, and even worse its been found that if they do it on their mobile phone and intend to give 10, they are not able to pull the slider past 7 or 8, due to the layout on screen. they then never report it as an issue and you end up with the 7/8/8.5 as overall.


thats essentially it.

M Adamopoulou


Well explained...but wish there was a way you could also explain it to the guests...who are not aware how the review system works!!!


I feel that guests are not informed how to make reviews and also how important it is not only for us but also for them...


Some times when possible I try to explain it to guests...








 I have a note on leaving rating and  only constructive feedback comments ( if you cant be constructive, then dont comment) in the auto message template for checkout and new reservations.

M Adamopoulou

So...guests do read!!!

I think I will give it a try...

Thanks for this tip.