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Avoiding opportunity for non paying extra guests

My accommodation has 3 bedrooms with king bed in one, queen in one and 2 singles in one.  I want to know how I can set it up so guests indicate which beds they will use so I can either lock the other rooms or leave beds unmade.  This is to avoid guests using all beds or sneaking non paying extra people in.  (It happens :(  





Either you sell as a whole unit or occupancy rate based.


It sounds like its a whole unit and you are overthinking it.


The only feasible way assuming you live nearby, is to ask them directly as part of new reservation message template or an additional message template 


Once they confirm, lock the other rooms.


Note this is creating more work for you, instead just charge for whole unit, and leave it be.


Once they are paying for whole unit, you don't need to be thinking about who else is visiting,  thats crossing the line.

Of course this is also assuming they are behaving and not causing damage. 

Ask for a deposit 


Kind regards