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I have somehow achieved a good result from just being me.  The hospitality business is a matter of  warmth towards guests and efficeiency in the running of the business.  Don't be seduced by the TV prog 4 in a bed, people are normally very pleasant and appreciate what you do for them.  This house is situated on the northern slope of the South Downs, close to the sea and the countryside.  We have many interesting places to visit round here, and festivals both religious and riotus, close by.  The southern end of our lovely country does boast many hours of sunshine, not guaranteed, as it can be a 'white out' if we get a sea mist.  My house is my home, guests are welcomed like family.  I care about more then supplying them with bandb, and love looking after tired, wet,exhausted cyclists and walkers.  However, there is a place for the holiday maker who wants to stay over  a longer term and this gives me a better chance of getting to know them more closely.  I have always hosted in various capacities.  Including university students and foreign language guests.   Please ask me any questions that can help you on your quest.  Hosting can be very rewarding and you often have to be a good actor too!!

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1 year ago

Hello, Anne Simmonds! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Congratulations on the award!