BE SOCIAL 100% positive feedback trick

So, now you want to hear about a super trick that:

1) 100% positive
2) easy and fast for guests, they don't need to login into a complicated and not social Booking system
3) social because everyone carries his phone, right?

After the guest left to send him a message like this (be creative) on Viber or WhatsApp

Dear X,

A few days ago you booked a super suite in /your property name/. We sincerely hope that you liked our Greek olives, and how about our services? We are working on improving our services and your reply will be greatly appreciated.

1) why did you choose our property?

2) what especially did you like?

3) will you recommend our property to your friends and family?

Did you notice that questions do actually require positive answers and they are DIFFERENT from the location on Booking or cleanliness on Airbnb ?

So, what do you do with a reply? Make a screenshot and market well: add to your photo album, Facebook, website...

They look like they come from a real person, who doesn't mind to share his phone number and not from anonymous. Also, this kind of screenshots proves that you keep Good communication with the guest, not just system reminds them to write and many do not believe reviews on Airbnb, because they are too positive as guests are scared to damage their own reputation and those on Booking because they are too negative.

To motivate your guest more, you can offer him a discount on his next stay. Just do it in a separate message ?

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Katerinka12 that’s an excellent trick. Were you thinking of me when you were writing??? I love your idea it’s very wise and easy. This template is perfect for me. I will use it the next time. You are a very smart and creative business woman...and also so thoughtful of you sharing your personal tricks with us.
Have a great weekend...