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Be your own guest first!

The best advice I can offer to anyone starting out and even for those who want to up their business is spend a night in your own rooms.

That way you will find out exactly what works and what is lacking - is the kettle cord too short? 

Are the plugs in an inconvenient place and are there enough of them?

Is the room too light at night? You may need blackout curtains.

How is the shower? Water too hot or not strong enough?

Only by experiencing this for yourself will you find out your rental's shortcomings before your guests do.

Think of the things that you find convenient/comfortable when you travel and implement those ideas too.



2 years ago

Hello Wendy Craig! Thank you very much for sharing your post in the Community! 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Wendy and thanks for sharing your experience.

You are absolutely right this method really works...we do the same thing with friends...

Best wishes...

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Yes I have slept in all my rooms.


It was how I decided what was minimum versus necessity versus nice to have. 


Gave me an idea then on what to prioritise first when starting. 


Kind regards

Wohnung Nikolaiblick 2 years ago

big beds are good 1,80m wide. Or big beadspreads. Bigger people will like it.

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Santiago Marul… 2 years ago

What a nice point of view!

having that in mind really helps out with the stuff that are missing in the property.

I found out it without having the intention, a few weeks ago  I spend 3 days in my property and I clearly realized that some essential things were needed in order to improve the experience.

So nice of you pointing that out! 

Wohnung Nikolaiblick 2 years ago

Hi exactly what I do.

Also cleaning people do not sleep in the rooms or cook, so they cant give you a feedback what is not working. Often guests are too kind to say what was not good. Or the cleaning personal is not talking about what guests told them.

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Santiago Marul… 2 years ago

It is true. but most of the times I am afraid of asking to the guests about what was not good or what is missing, because it could be reflected later on in the review they could write

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

I politely prefer to ask if something is missing so I can fix it before they leave.

Guests appreciate it because they understand we want to make their stay pleasant and comfortable.


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pibomarco 2 years ago

For that reason we put this list in our guest rooms:

(I would upload the picture, but somehow uploading images doesn't work)



We are trying to do our best to daily check all the devices in the rooms/apartments/bungalows. However we may have missed something. In an effort to mend the malfunction as soon as possible please indicate the problem on the list below.




Stiamo cercando di fare del nostro meglio per controllare quotidianamente tutti i dispositivi nelle camere/appartamenti/bungalow. Tuttavia possiamo aver perso qualcosa. Nel tentativo di risolvere il malfunzionamento nel più breve tempo possibile indicare il problema nell'elenco sottostante.



o nočna lučka / night light / luce notturna

o luč v sobi / room light / luce della stanza

o luč v kopalnici / bathroom light / luce del bagno

o luč na terasi / terrace light / luce terazza

o luč v kuhinji / kitchen light / cucina luce

o tuš / the shower / doccia

o sifon kopalnica / the siphon / il sifone

o TV sprejemnik / TV / recivatore TV

o vtičnice / electric output-socket / socket di uscita elettrica

o klima / air condition / aria condizionata

o radiator / the radiator / radiatore

o okno / the window / la finestra

o drugo (prosimo navedite): / other (please specify): / altro (specificare):







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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

pibomarco, very good idea...thanks for sharing..

I also had problems with uploading it is working again...

Please share photo once it is working....


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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Another of our partner community friends, fluff, has raised a good issue. Book your own property to see the guest booking experience.

Fluff booked a property via and was bombarded by promotional emails. This could explain why guests don't read the messages we send them.

It's also quite useful on other OTAs too so that you know the booking process and can advise anyone who gets stuck ....

Samantha McDermott 2 years ago

Great insights all around, thanks to this group for sharing so openly. Another thought, which you guys inspired, it to have the cleaning crew sleep in the rooms as well. It's one thing to show them what the guest will experience if they aren't dusting in certain areas, for example, but it's another for them to feel that experience. We provide incentives to our crew through the cleaning ratings, so they have a vested interest in working with us to maintain a tidy space....