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Beautiful bush retreat - the Travellers Rest Motel Mundaring


Looking forward to getting to know about your businesses and any tips about using this amazing website. 

How do you get rid of cute but messy peacocks?  The male likes looking at himself in the unit door reflective mirror and the female who is a mum, is very caring when I'm just sitting and thinking or praying and she's near by.  They prefer to eat French Brioche bread but aren't fussy really.  They haven't destroyed the tops of any cars yet.  Around the property in the morning and evening, there is the comforting sound of a trumpet that I hear.  I wonder if they can hear me playing the piano..  I feed them then chase them away and they definitely are confused -  so am I, till .... I have to clean up their massive mess.

So you have any 'pet'peeves?


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LOL, not quite peacocks (altho have toyed with the idea of putting some on our bush retreat).  My weak spot is the bush turkeys.  So you're not alone.  They tear up my gardens with their foraging.  They chase each other up on the tin roof while the guests sleep late...  As I talk to them and name them (I have the entire cast of Greys Anatomy now), I curse myself for throwing out the scraps but put their next meal aside just the same.  Like you I have to take to the back deck with a scrubbing brush but the best advice I have for you is now the scrubbing brushes come on poles just like a mop!  Every once in a while they look like they really want to answer me back and that reminds me the bad outweighs the good.  All I've got for you, sorry :( 


1 month ago