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Is anyone using Beds24 - channel manager.  Could do with some help over a rate set up issue?




It would be better if you state the actual issue first, please


Great a fellow Beds24 user!

We have std (rack rate)

We have a weekday rate that is lower (it over rides the rack rate)

We also have a 10% off non-refundable rate. (which works perfectly in Expedia)

This is set up in booking but it isnt visible as Beds24 doesnt send any prices.

This non-ref booking rate is visible in Beds24 code dropdowns.

So what the best way to set this up?

I have been through loads of help pages and must be missing the point somewhere.  Beds24 help simply refer me to the help pages because theirs is a self-service platform.


So here's a funny thing - I've just had an email from the Partner Community Team telling me they edited my post to remove inappropriate or private information.  Yet nothing has been changed? Community person could you comment as to what you edited so I can be educated about my wrong doing?


yeah some of them are complete and utter leprechauns without a gold penny to rub between between them.


Thing about beds24 yes its great for what it is , but its also quite overwhelming if you try to do too much to fast.


Plus the UX (user experience ) layout and GUI is quiet basic yet functional.


There are multiple guides on there for each OTA channel.

In general all rooms and rates need to be soly managed by the C.M. and not directly on the OTA.





You should have a ticket support system and forum access on Beds24. 

I use channel manager where help support is available 24h/7.