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Being active in the Partner Community!!!

Hello fellow partners,

I have been an active partner in this Community from the minute I have discovered it.

I tried to join some other forums but no...the members where not polite....the comments were not ideal....

Why I consider this Community a hidden treasure???

1.    I have made so many nice friends around the world....with some I have already met...hope I meet some more in the near future....

2.    Being a newbie and having no relation with the tourism industry I was lost...This Partner Community has helped me to find so many answers, so many ideas, so many much inspiration .....

3.    It helped me freshen up my  English, since it is not my mother language....this Community has been a second school for me...leaving in a country village in Greece it is not easy to practice my English everyday...

4.    I had to find my way in the Community so without even known it.... I became a tech savvy... Technology is here to stay....and without having some basic knowledge it is very difficult to even use your iphone.

5.    I have even changed my House Rules, my listing name thanks to suggestions made by fellow partners.


Some days back, a partner asked me if was paying me for contributing in the Community!!!

It was impossible for him to understand that by contributing to the Community I was actually finding solutions to many of  my problems. 

Not everything is perfect in this Community....and many changes have to be done but hope it will not take a dear partner said....lets move on....

By searching and this Community I have gained a better knowledge of this difficult and  demanding tourism industry that I am trying to be a member of.

Would love to hear your comments and wish you all a wonderful weekend.





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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Barry, thats all???

You can do better I am sure...


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fluff 2 years ago

As regulars may have noticed my contributions have dropped off sharply.

This is mainly due to the very poor format of this forum.

Despite pointing out it's many failings that interfere with ease of use and navigation, nothing has changed. As the forum grows the failings become more troublesome.

Path of least resistance is the golden rule, in this case reduced or total lack of participation.

This is a great shame as the availability of this forum was an inspired idea, a way to get real world answers to awkward questions, most of which the support team on extranet avoid. The load on same team is also lightened.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Oh! yes fluff, I have noticed you have little contribution in the Partner Community...but when needed you are here to give us a hand...

Unfortunately, navigation is still difficult, especially when using iphone....I have managed to have Wifi in my property so now that I can use my laptop it is a bit least I can see what I am writing...

Hope that very soon we sill see some changes, even small ones, so we can continue to share our thoughts and troubles...with eachother.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts....