Best tricks to impress your guests

Hi Everyone,

I just want to know more tricks and the feeling that they have got with you. And what you love to do to impress them.

Share your experience.. :-) <3 


Once you get a particular guest in the airport. On your way to the property act as guide and update him or her on the current matters of your country. A foreign guest will ask as many questions as he will to be updated. But once you get at the property discuss about the best meal to offer i prefers to give a guest space and time to acclimate on their own.

Mashi Niwarthana

What an idea...!! Thank you Mr. kobakoafrica..
As you said, we should give a chance to decide what they want. We must respect. ?

And I think, we must tell the things what we have too. Because we should give them a new experience. Am I right..?