Big problem with a guest

So we have a guest name

Reservation Number ***


She book a hostel but she was looking for a 5 stars hostel....she complain because she dont wont share....

she broke mine shower in the dormitory and the light in the kitchen and after she left with out payed the disaster she make...and she make a review so bad

How its possible if I sad she is a not welcome guest how she can make a rewiev

I like if you cancelled the reviwe

Becouse the place its clean and work...Do you need photo?

How you can help me?

its already a high slow season in SXM I cant recived review of people they are not more welcome in mine place

She make a review before check out....She still have 2 hours for the check out but she run a way without pay the disaster

We dont wont the money to here...we dont wont to see here any more I wuold like you cancelled the review

Let me know


HI Vicky


wow just wow. That's totally unacceptable. Yes always record photos  with smart phone also a video.


You can be clever and upload to YouTube, set as private ,and then share the YouTube URL with report notes. for BdC to see.


Under the guest booking page on right side is Report Guest feature


I would start with  that and give details and smart phone photos.


Also use the blacklist guest option..


Then once all of that is done , I would pick up the phone and ring the Support team, tell the m of the incident and how you have submitted an incident report.


Ask what will they do for you



See below for contact info.









Kind Regards



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M Adamopoulou

Dear Vicky, very sorry to hear about your awful guest experience.

Hope BDC supports you and please give us feedback.

Wish you no more such guests.

Aaltje B.

Wished I could come over and write a wonderful review for your place! 


But you may have to ask a person close-by to do that for you. 

And telling the world what a fantastic host you are, 



As M. Adamopoulou says, I wish you lots of lovely guests! 

Your hosting skills will improve by the year and with great reviews and a matching price you will attract the right people :) 


All the best. 



Aaltje B. New Zealand. 

Aaltje B.

And my thoughts on the payment side: 

Try to arrange (when you are talking to BDC team / finance team anyway) that they help you set up payment by guests before they arrive.

That is very helpful to prevent repeat situations. 

Hope this helps you. 

It is awful to go through a bad experience, especially when you just starting, but I can assure you, there are many amazing guests around and I hope you will soon see that happen. 


Aaltje B.  



M Adamopoulou

I agree with you Ella, most of the guests are great and as I have posted some some days ago...guests can become your friends...

Take care.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella, how nice of you to encourage Vicky...

Its dreadful when guests treat properties in such a bad way.

Take care...

Aaltje B.

Hope it is the first and last time ! 

I am lucky with my big " hulk"   but imagine you need one for every property and flat.

Prevention is the best I think . 

And I still like the system of platform A where I can have a peak at the background of a person .

Would love to have that feature for BDC as well ! 

But guess with instant bookings not too beneficial..