Bike hire from guest houses

Hi does anyone on 'here' have any experience of renting out bikes to guests - I am perhaps somewhat nievely going to try this in next month. I have bought 6 high end mountain bikes, that were in various states of repair and I am slowly getting them all serviced and repaired and buying stuff like security chains (yes they will be impenetrable I live in Liverpool)  and some safety equipment - high vis vests helmets lights etc. If anyone has any experience of doing a similar venture I would greatly appreciate some feedback - Kind Regards Richie 


To be honest forgot that I had posted it - guess I am a ground breaking - B'n'B - I'll have that !!!!

Leandri Klopper

Haha Richard!

Yes, then perhaps when you break the ground you can let us know the ins and outs of it.

I checked in the meantime and saw that some of our properties do have bike rentals. The one thing that I see through and through is two Must Haves when attempting this. 1. An indemnity form (We will not be held liable for any deaths/accidents/injuries etc etc. and 2. A refundable deposit.

Best of luck with your paddling! *edited... Pedalling?*