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Black List a guest

I would like to Black List a guest on to help all other hosts. Does anybody know how to do this.  I really don’t want anyone to get into the same issues I faced.


The only option is to use the "Report Misconduct" button on their booking with you, followed by the option that you don't want them to book with you again.

There is no visible list on BDC that other hosts can see. There is a small independant site for evaluating guests, I forget the name, where you can list them.

Ve.r.a. srl

It's usless that option. I'd like to have a Black List for guests. This would help a lot, not that button!

Casa Pedra Nobre

Same here. We have a very liberal cancellation policy, and almost all guests handle this with respect. If they cannot come for whatever reason, we always drop any cost. But if one book (10 days), does not reply on several messages the days before check-in (to inquire arrival time), then does not shows up ... We called the (german) guest, her response : "due to covid I decided not to travel, you could have expected that". This unrespectful behaviour we cannot tolerate; hence the question : how to blacklist these customers...