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Hi All, How do i block/blacklist guests that never show up or cancel without explanation, from ever booking my place.

Don Burns

You click on your guest's reservation page with their payment details and dates.  Then click "Report guest misconduct," which allows you to ban that guest from your property.


I banned a recent guest, after she backed her truck into my driveway brick wall and did not tell me she had damaged it.


I saw her driveway damage just before she was checking-out and she failed to tell me about it.  She was embarrassed when I showed her the outside wall damage; then she blamed my driveway design as the cause.


Liar, liar, pants on fire!



M Adamopoulou

Sorry to hear that Don...

Sometimes guests cannot be pleased whatever you do...

I wonder??? Does that mean that he cannot make a future reservation at your property or in ant properties through

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year..



Casa Pedra Nobre

Unfortunately reporting/blocking a customer cannot be done after a no show... We have a very liberal cancellation policy, and almost all guests handle this with respect. If they cannot come for whatever reason, we always drop any cost. But if one book (10 days), does not reply on several messages the days before check-in (to inquire arrival time), then does not shows up ... We called the (german) guest, her response : "due to covid I decided not to travel, you could have expected that". This unrespectful behaviour we cannot tolerate; hence the question : how to blacklist these customers...