Block Dates

Helloo Booking Team

We have rented out our propety to a production company until August  20th and i have tried several times to block my dates starting the 26th of June which was when we checked themin in order to avoid reservations coming in through booking .com and we keep getting them, i need please to cancel all these reservations that are coming in and also you to help meblock the dates until August 20th because it doesn seem to work from our Administration DECK, please willreally appreciate thisas soon as possible because its causingus administrative caos right now as you guys keep selling the rooms but wehave no availability and we have tried for a week now to block the property and even if it says that the changes have been noted reservations keep coming in, we are talking about June,July and August 2020 (current year)

Thank you 


If you open up Rates, Calendar - List view - you can Close for individual dates or use Bulk edit for multiple days.  Try and cancel bookings yourselves by contacting guests as booking.com will charge a relocation fee.

You have posted this on the partner forum.  If you need further help contact booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet or give them a call see link for local phone numbers.