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Blocking a guest from booking with me in future

This weekend we had a guest whose wife I found to be unacceptably arrogant, opinionated, and disrespectful. I would prefer it if she never visited us again. How can I go about blocking this guest from booking with us ever again in future? I don't want to start a war where I report misconduct, I just want the option not to have to welcome her back.

Dina Devine 1 year ago

What qualifies as abusive behaviour in terms of reporting misconduct? Are we talking only about physical abuse or verbal abuse in the form of swearing, or can abusive behaviour include false accusations and veiled threats? If a guest falsely accuses you of having created misleading descriptions of your property (while those were actually created by, and are not incorrect, just severely edited) or delivers a veiled threat by reminding you that she has the power to post her opinions and experiences (whatever they may be) far and wide on social media/booking platforms (before even having entered and experienced the main house), would such behaviour also be seen as abusive? Because I found her to be extremely offensive and insulting. 

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BrookAve 1 year ago



So on their reservation detail page, right pane is Report guest.

Use that and before you submit all the details at bottom is block future booking.


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