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Blocking guests from re-booking

I'm new to this so apologies in advance if I'm asking a stupid question.

I had a guest who just completed his stay with us. He gave us a very good review but he left the apartment not in a good state. I'm still trying to build a reputation and getting good reviews so I don't want a direct conflict with this guest. We are lucky we have few days before the next guests come and hence we have ample time to recover. So, Is there a way how I can block a guest from booking again in the future (sort of blacklisting)?  

Reuben Farrugia

Thanks BrookAve for your reply.

I found the place where you can block a guest from re-booking and yes you have a 7 day time limit to report. Unfortunately, when you block a guest he will be informed about this. I just want to keep this incident low-profile but not having my listing visible to him for future bookings.



i'm not sure they get notified at all so long as you dont tick - Booking should followup.


as for the listing, they may see the listing but would not be able to checkout a new reservation.


I wouldnt worry either way it is what it is, I'd block them and just move on.


Kind Regards