Booking Options

Our room has a double bed and a sofa bed and this is what is set up on our room details. Since we have opened in July 2019 we have had either couples booking who have made use of the double bed or families who have made use of the sofa bed for their children.

Today we have got a booking for 2 people and we have assumed it is for a couple but it has turned out to be 2 work colleagues who were expecting 2 beds to be made up. At short notice we have managed to accommodate the guests in the one room but we do not to have this situation occurring again.

Has any one got any suggestions how we can set the page up so this does not happen again.



Not sure why this is a problem.  If they don't mind sharing the room then why should you.  Yes, it is another set of sheets but that is all.  If only once in all that time I wouldn't worry. You could add something in small print but often guests don't read it.

Alan Hemingway

Thanks for coming back to me, unfortunately it is a sofa bed and so we cannot make it up and set it out every time on the off chance that it will be needed because the room is small when it is made up. The second bed option is only really there for children.

Isle of Wight …

Always always always prepare all the beds. You never know if the guests are husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, work colleagues or whatever. Even husband and wife might prefer separate rooms. Never assume they are a couple who will share a bed.

And remember that you should always charge a flat rate for the property, regardless of how many people are coming. Charging for the number of people means you are discounting when fewer than the maximum arrive.

Alan Hemingway

Thanks for coming back to me but that is not an option because the second bed is a sofa bed and we cannot set it up every time on the off chance that it may be used because it would make the whole room too cramped. The sofa bed is normally used by children when families stop.