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Booking room, or apartment


We have an apartment above our coffee shop.  3 bedrooms, one bathroom and 1 kitchen.

We offer either the whole apartment, or individual rooms.  

If a guest is making a booking for the whole apartment, how do we set extranet to automatically block out the 3 rooms listed for that stay, so they are not available.

We had an issue recently where the apartment was let out for 2 nights, but one of the rooms was let out too, double booking. 

So if someone booked 1 room, then the other 2 rooms and the whole apartment is blocked out. I can't find a solution. Please help.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Valeria Popple


I have seen this recently and in my opinion , you cant have both.

Its either setup as one or the other.


Scenario 1:  Whole Unit with x bedrooms

Scenario 2: Type with Room type 1, Roomtype 2 etc.


Unfortunately I suspect the only real way to do it is with a channel manager and PMS such as Beds24.


If you could link your property we can see what it is currently set up as. It greatly helps us make an informed picture of what the potential workaround could be. See steps below in signature.



Kind Regards


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