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1 Export iCal Calendar URL

When on the Sync Calendars page I do not see where I can View my iCal URL unless I add another calendar connection.  Is there a different Export URL for each of the sites that I added a Calendar for? 

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Isle of Wight …

When you click "Add calendar connection", they want you to import a calendar URL from another OTA, and then you get a calendar URL to import in to the other OTA.

But beware - the calendar sync does not work. It is broken. If you reply on it, you will get double bookings. will tell you that calendar sync is a manual process, which if so, defeats the purpose of having a calendar sync. Always block manually. I'm sure others will recommend using channel managers.



 I was reading about iCAL on another platform earlier and even they have it in the first paragraph that the sync schedule is only every 30 mins.

Any scheduler more than 30-60 seconds and you will end up with double bookings, may be not at moment but eventually.


Isle of Wight … "syncs" 3 times a day. That doesn't mean the sync actually works or that data is exported correctly. Sometimes, there is no data exported by due to bugs in the system.

Some platforms do a real-time ical check at the time of booking to prevent any double bookings ..... but even if they do a real time check, the system is broken so may not export data and may not prevent double bookings.

I don't trust channel managers either. They rely on the data exported by If data export via ical doesn't work, how can we guarantee that their data export via XML works?

M Adamopoulou

Thanks guys for giving us so much information about sync.

Isle, I thought using a channel manager was safe...but as you say that you dont trust them I guess the only safe way is manually.  I have only one Studio so its easy for me to handle but for partners that have many properties I guess sync manually is not an ideal way to do it.

Wish you a great weekend.

Isle of Wight …

I download all ical data into my own database (I do this for my own records and for owners of properties that I manage to see all their bookings and so I can organise changeovers more easily) ..... I can manually enter bookings too .... I will soon export data to other OTAs .... that might help as a backup for when doesn't export properly .... but I'll still manually block anyway .....