Booking.com response to technical issue

Long story short: a Booking.com technical issue (as admitted by one of their agents) has resulted in me losing cleaning fees for some bookings. I was told that either the guests would be told to pay the fee (which I hate, because they thought they were getting one price, but have now been told that they'll pay more, which could result in me getting a low rating), or if they refuse then Booking.com will make up for it. Booking.com have not come through on this one and I've been left out of pocket. What can I do to get the money I'm owed?



Hi Oliver, 


If this is for stays already completed, the simple answer is , no chance of getting it.  

You could try contacting the guest directly by phone, if you have that info, but still no way to enforce it.


Kind Regards

Oliver Beckett

It's not for stays completed, and again I'm reluctant to ask guests who have not yet stayed to pay more because of a glitch that Booking.com have admitted to