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Bookings and Payment

I have 2 bookings scheduled for this month. 1 for the 19th and another for the 26th. on my account I have listed that we accept credit cards however when the renter made a reservation I got a notification that said invalid credit card information. Why am I seeing this. I never requested an invalid credit card notification. How do I correct this so that I  do not turn away potential rentals

Additionally, I chose to collect cash upon arrival how do I 1. Pay their fees? 2. How do I ensure renters arrival because they could simply cancel without any penalty. 

Any advice?

M Adamopoulou


Hi Natasha,


You have to make strict avoid cancellations...

You might have problems with Payment in cash.


Keep well.

Natasha Robinson

How can i add my bank account information or paypal information for future bookings so that I can ensure a commitment?

M Adamopoulou

In your Extranet Property tab find Policies then scroll down to find Guest Payment Options.

Hope this helps.