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Calendar sync


Since some weeks or months, calendars on won't synchronise. Everytime I go to the synchronise status page the status request that I finalise exporting the calendar (I.e. copy the calendar link). Which I do. It then goes to "Activating" and the next time I check, it's back to previous unfinished status.

I've tried 2 different calendars (one from my VRMS and one from Airbnb) on the 3 properties I manage and it's all the same.

Has anyone experienced this and found a fix?

Thanks in advance for participation.


If you did a search you will find loads of comments of sync not working property.

Suggestion is to use partner management system.

Sophie Cayeux

Thank-you sharon Powney. I did search and find indeed a lot of people complaining about link not updating other platforms but had not seen any complaining about it the other way round.

Anyway, I thought was a serious business taking care of its "partners" but it' appears to be just another empty speech.

Channel managers are too expensive for me for the poor business Booking brings so I will wait and see if they repair it or else delist my properties.

Thanks again and regards



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Alternative is to install all OTA apps on smart phone and as soon as a new booking comes in , block same dates on other OTA.


Kind Regards

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately sync is not in real time it’s better if you do it manually every time you have a booking avoiding double bookings...

Wish you all the best.

Sophie Cayeux

Thank-you Sergei. At first sight there is no article about linking another calendar to Booking; just the other way round. Anyway, it's not the first time I link calendars so I guess I am doing it the proper way.

I just do not understand how such a big company does not just repair a bug which is obviously annoying many....



Sophie Cayeux

So it's like encouraging professionals which is a good thing as such as we give excellent service to guests at destination. Good to note that Airbnb does this better by being in fairly close contact (human to human) with the professionals, yet they allow ical sync.

I have been using a channel manager up to recently but find it very expensive of what it brings.

M Adamopoulou

I only have one Studio so it’s easy to handle with apps in iPhone...for more properties I think it’s extra effort...

Wish you well...