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Can’t access my profile

Is there any thing wrong of my profile why I can’t open even in pulse it is close please help me !

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Avelina


Are you referring to your :

  1. Partner Profile on this community forum
  2. Host Profile on Property Listing


You can edit this partner Profile via this guide previously made, see link below in my signature.


To edit your Property Host Profile, i.e. about you and not the property that potential Guest can view on the listing under Host section.

Simply go here and setup.:…





Kind Regards


TIP: Add your property link to your partner profile. Its helps other partners assist you .…


If you need direct support use Partner Help Contact Us in the footer of this page.

Or Extranet > Inbox >booking Messages . Click on Contact Us.





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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Avelina Manuela thank you for posting in the community! 

Please make sure that you trying to login form and that your username & password are correct. If you still have the same issue please contact our support team for further assistance. 

Best of Luck!