Can guests be best friends???

Hello guys!!!

Hosting connects people!!!

Some of my guests are so friendly and nice we have become friends right away and enjoy each other’s company...having fun!!!!

Thanks to booking we have met and made so many friends from different parts of the world...

What is your experience???

Wish everybody a wonderful weekend!!!

Isle of Wight …

We have self-catering properties where guests arrive and leave and we often don't see the guests. Occasionally we do meet guests and can have good chats with them, but we don't see them enough to make friends. If we had a B&B, could be very different!


M Adamopoulou

Dear Isle, please share with us pictures of your rental vacation and perhaps a give us some info about your property.

Wish you a good day.

Don Burns

This weekend's guests own a mobile barbecue food wagon, which they sold smoked beef, pork and sausages at today's nearby classic car festival.


After the car-show event, they gave my wife and me a whole tri-tip beef roast and a smoked pork roast that we are enjoying for our home dinner tonight.  Yum, yum!



M Adamopoulou

Don that’s incredible... your photos talk by themselves... 

Enjoy your dinner!!!

Once I had a chef guest and he cooked for us roast beef with potatoes and they gave us the whole pot...

It takes two to tango!!!