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Can guests edit reviews?

I would like to know something , when one guest does one review at our booking page  it is possible to delete it and to rewrite the review again ? 





I believe so, i briefly remember  BdC saying  they can return and edit it ,just as a host replying to comments can return and edit


AS to whether or not that is limited to feed back comments only or both I dont know.


pop BdC support a message and ask them.


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Sergei - Commu…

Hello, Armand Leka! Welcome to the Partner Community, thanks for raising a good question. Actually, guests can edit their reviews. 

So you can simply ask the guest to go to the account, find the review in the history and edit it. The guest should also have a link in the review approval email.


Christian Pecoraro

This is utterly crazy, dangerous and ill-thought out. 

I don't know what got into bcoms head by designing something like this, but it certainly was a person that has zero experience in hospitality and pshychology.

It exposes hosts to blackmail, as guests will return and retaliate, eg when they have been charged a fee later. 

Same as bcom allowing guests that have been banned and reported for misconduct to leave a review. Such a review will ALWAYS be based on retaliation. 

We have raised this many times that Bcom's review system is skewed and guest biased, and does not help hosts at all, let alone protect them.

Likewise the rating. We have guests leaving 10 in ALL categories, and the final rating: 7.0

Why? Because people have no idea how the bcom system works. Because it is complicated. The final score should be an average of the ratings of all categories, not a random pick. But of course, no one in bcom listens