Can a host cancel a booking

I was wondering if anyone has experience of what happens when a host needs to cancel one or more bookings for personal reasons. What procedures does one follow and what are the implications? 



HI Olga Leondaris


Of course if you have no choice and or due to covid19 and or where the guest is coming from and you do not want increase the risk, you can.


I would recommend you message the guest and explain simply at a high-level you must cancel their booking due to covid19. and that the next email they receive will be for them to action by click agree.


Once you send that message from the Reservation details page, now click on Request Cancellation, and choose option 2.

The system will send the cancellation email to them and once they agree it will be marked cancelled.

At this point if they prepaid via BdC they will handle the full refund.

If you took payment via VCC ordirect , then you need to reverse that once the booking is confirmed cancelled in the Extranet.



Kind Regards