Can a Host Cancel without Penalty?

Hi! Hope you are all keeping safe.

Because of Covid-19, I am reluctant for health and hygienic reasons to start receiving guests at my villa. 

I have closed it for bookings, but have an old one from last year for 16 August 2020. 

Does anyone know whether I could cancel this old booking without penalty? And if so, how do we do it?  

If not possible to cancel, am I legally covered to charge extra cleaning / disinfection fee?

Thank you!


As a host you are not able to do a Cancel option, only the guest.  Given the exceptional circumstances at the minute message the guest and explain your reasons, particularly regarding your health and ask them to cancel and that you will make sure there are no fees for them.  Check out other options in your area and give them alternatives that they can book.  Hopefully they will understand.  

Roquedure Farm

I would be careful ,i thought booking,com says we cannot cancel guests and if we cannot accommodate people we are liable for their increased fees

Am I allowed to cancel a reservation without the guest's consent?

All active reservations that have been confirmed by the property need to be honoured, as per our General Delivery Terms. If you do not want to accommodate guests, we will follow our standard relocation procedure.”


Friends have asked their customers to cancel and had no problem, but who knows?


let us know what happens as we wish to do the same,

Roquedure Farm

I cannot say how disappointed we are with this lack of concern for the hosts and the lack of forward thinking,